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I Have Some Questions...


How far will you travel?
I'm based in North Yorkshire, but will travel to where I'm needed (costs may apply).

How far in advance do I need to book?
Bookings can be taken up to 18 months in advance of the event, but it's best to check availability as soon as you can as busy periods of the year get snapped up quickly. All bookings are taken on a first come first served basis.

What sort of magic tricks do you perform?
This depends on the type of event. However, I make sure every effect is astonishing, visual and fun. There's cards, coins, rings, fire, ice and MUCH more.

How many people can you entertain at a function?
I will try and get around to performing for everyone. Whether that's at a table or walk-around. It's all time dependent.

How long do you perform for?
However long you want! I would always suggest a MINIMUM of one hour. If you have a lot of people attending your event, then two to three hours will work. Get in touch so we can work out what suits you best.

There are no prices on the website, why not?
Every event is quoted fairly on its own merit and requirements. The best thing to do is to CONTACT me with details about the event and we can go from there.

Are you insured?
Oh yes! I have Public Liability Insurance, which covers any issues for yourself, your guests and the venue whilst performing. But it shouldn't come to that! (*touch wood)

What kind of events / functions do you perform at?
I can do any event you require - Weddings, Parties, School Proms, Trade Shows, Corporate... Anywhere where there is a group of people that need entertaining. 

Do you entertain at kids parties?
If there are children at your event (such as weddings), I can show them a couple of effects or get them involved, but I'm not a children's entertainer.

We want to book you but have not decided on times yet. Is this OK?
Absolutely. If I have an enquiry or second booking for that same day, you will be contacted first to make sure you're accommodated. 

What happens if you suddenly can't make our event?
IF this happens (due to illness or something more drastic) I will make sure your event is covered with another professional magician at no extra cost.

Do I need to pay a deposit?
You do. This is to secure the date of your event. But it's only a small charge.

And what about the rest of the payment?
Don't worry - You have until 2 weeks prior to the event to make the full payment.

Why should I hire you and not my mate's mate who does a few tricks?
Magic isn't something you just get into. It takes a LOT of dedication, commitment and time to hone your skills as a magician. There are some competent amateur magicians who will charge you half the price, but as the saying goes, "you get what you pay for". I have been passionate about the art since I was a small boy and I still act like a child when I see or learn a new magic effect. Plus, I am always well groomed, have great social skills and try and leave your guests with a smile on their face.

Can you do that one Dynamo doe...

I'll stop you there. Dynamo is a great magician and has his own routines. I have my own. Hopefully you'll be asking the same question about my magic one day.

I'm interested... So what's next?

CONTACT me and we'll have a chat!


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